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Welcome, JVs & Affiliates!

Our names are Chris & Ken, and we've made $10 million online since 2006.

We've had six ClickBank #1's, set sales records, dominated leaderboards & more...

And now we're rolling out the ultimate moneymaking website - Website X v2.

There are 3 million reasons we think you'll love promoting this offer...

Over $3,000,000 Paid To Affiliates!

We first launched Website X v1 in 2010.

Since then have paid over $3 million to our affiliates in commissions.

We've now revamped the offer, with improved pitch and product.

And now with Website X v2, you can make up to $782 per sale!

Promote today and get passive commissions for 3 years!

We've already run a small beta launch for this offer and some customers have reported making $20-25 per day within days. It's important they make money - because when they do, so do you: if customers stay signed up, you get paid $782 in affiliate commissions!

That's why we've killed ourselves to make this the most profitable, most automated moneymaking website on the planet right now.

And why we've set up the ultimate converting funnel in the moneymaking game.

With 10 chances to convince the customer to give you a $782 commission!

The Funnel: 10 Chances To Make $782 ClickBank Commissions!

One strategy we've always had millions with is giving something away for free then upselling customers on a great recurring upgrade as soon as they buy.

It's often said that a customer needs to be exposed to an offer 7 times before taking action.

And that's why we give customers a high value freebie - then ask them to upgrade. (only 7 times isn't enough - we do it 10 times :)

Here's how the funnel looks:


Let's look at each of those in depth (and by the way click on the links, we invite you to see the level of value we've included here)

• FREE WEBSITE: When customers sign up to our offer, they are given a free website based on our utag web-builder software app. You can sign up for a free utag account here and then download the free welcome report here. In a nutshell, we are giving them a free website based on a unique software tool that cost us $200k to build - along with a 30 page quick start guide that they can use to make money quickly (by stealing our profitable campaigns).

This is all emailed to the customers as soon as they sign up. The free PDF report could sell for $100 on its own - and it pre-sells the customer on the Pro Website upgrade throughout. Trust is sky-high at this point, conversions are heavily pre-sold, and we're just getting started.

That's your first chance to make a $782 affiliate commission.

EMAIL SEQUENCE: Customers are opted into a 7 day email sequence. The first day they get their free website, and then each day we give them a free training webinar on topics such as how to make money with ClickBank; how to get free Google traffic; how to profit with a website. In total, we give over 2 hours worth of free training in the free email sequence.

Here's where things get clever...

Each video ends with a presell back to the paid website upgrade, giving great information, while constantly preselling them towards making their purchase. We also give them previews of the paid website features, including a demo and a free 30 page "Get started" guide. That's 7 more attempts to make you $792 in ClickBank commissions.

PRO WEBSITE: Upon signing up to their free website, we also redirect them to the Pro Website upsell @ $47 per month. This is the core offer. It's a massively powerful "moneymaking website in a box" powered by WordPress - you can view the full feature list here.

The package also includes their own $500 value domain name, lifetime hosting, software, training, ebooks, videos, personal support and more. This immediate upsell is the first chance for you to make a $782 affiliate commission.

$782 Affiliate Commissions
From 10 Different Angles!

Customers can purchase the immediate upsell to the Pro Website or decline. If they decline, then we continue to prod them back to this offer in the 7 day email sequence. Instead of just blindly sending them to the same pitch, each day we give them a free webinar about various moneymaking related topics (topics we've made millions from ourselves, so trust me this content is good).

For example, day 1's email is a free webinar on "making money with ClickBank". Then below that video is a presell on how the website upgrade lets them make money with CB automatically. Then, once they are pre-sold, we lead them back to the sales page again:

Day 2 is a free webinar on "making money with Google" and inside we talk about things like the $3,000 per day Google campaign we had, and the new traffic strategies for Google today.

Imagine 7 different unique mini video pre-sells, all adding more and more value, building more and more trust, and each pre-selling the Pro Website features from different directions. It's going to be very difficult for customers to refuse the offer 10 times and from 10 different directions.

We simply show how them how people are making money online & how their website helps them to do the same. It sounds simple. But here's what happens when we do that...


And remember, these are RECURRING commissions - meaning you will make anywhere from 3 to 6 times this in actual payouts. So a $0.41 EPC on day 1 becomes a $1.05 EPC on day 7, but will actually end up as a $3-6 EPC from all the rebills. Where else can you make $6 EPC promoting a product this high quality and actually improving your relationship with your list?

This also explains why we take such a long term approach with the email sequence. It might seem a bit "soft sell" but remember we're after happy customers who make you $792 affiliate commissions - so its vital we're transparent about what they're getting and how it can make them money. Then when they do sign up, we know they're going to convert to monster recurring commissions and we both make hundreds of dollars.

100% Of Your List Wants This!

Remember as well - everyone needs a website! It's not like we're selling something that people don't need or want. There's a reason we made $3 million with our first Website offer instead of some throwaway ebook last time around. Everyone needs a website and so everyone is a potential chance to make $782 in commissions!

It's simple. We're selling the best moneymaking website on the net, and everyone needs a website to make money online. All we do in the funnel is show them that. As soon as they realize that, you make a $782 commission. It might happen right away, it might happen on day 3... but it will happen.

And in case you're thinking "not every sale will be worth $792", you're right.

In fact, we think the average will be slightly lower (but only slightly)...

Expected Average: $200 To $400 ClickBank Commissions Per Sale!

The Website offer is $47 per month, so you get paid $21.74 recurring commission per sale.

Our average payout for the last Website X offer was over $200 commission per sale. That was the actual average commission earning for our affiliates.

And with a massively improved product, we're looking to double it here, to an average of over $400 affiliate commission per sale. We believe this is definitely possible given the lengths we've gone to with our funnel.

Why? Because the customers are going to make money with their website - and when they make money, so will you!

So are you ready to start promoting?

There are two proven traffic sources that have done great for us in the past - email and Pay Per Click. So...

Here's How To Promote &
Make $782 Affiliate Commissions

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